San Francisco Modern Architecture
A guide to interesting homes and commercial buildings.

This unique home has several distinguishing features I like. One is the ribbed black wood garage door area to the far right as well as the low wall before the front entrance to the left. Above both of these entry points is an eave made of copper that has a nice green patina and striped with black wood strips contrasting to the lower horizontal ribs of black wood. I'm not sure why but this reminds me of Schindler's work. The rest of the exterior surfaces are composed of pink/red concrete blocks which were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The white gravel to the left of the garage is raked into patterns reminiscent of Japanese meditation gardens. On the opposite side of the red brick path leading to the entrance is another rock garden - a small patch of rounded rocks set into mortar. This treatment is also directly to the left of the driveway and next to the white gravel. Some large rocks and a low growing ground cover occupy the rest of the front yard. Whoever designed the front yard area paid close attention to the low profile, ground-hugging stance of the house and repeated this visual with the low growing ground cover, gravel, and rocks. I like how the house is partially hidden by the shrubs - especially the middle region which de-emphasizes the width of the house by breaking it into to separate areas. The shrub to the far left is trimmed to almost the exact height of the house making it appear to be part of the structure - further blending it into the natural landscape. Whoever designed this was a genius. The corridor that leads you to the true front door of the home is lined on one side by shoji screens repeating the Japanese reference provided by the rock and gravel gardens.