San Francisco Modern Architecture
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This house is very large, yet quite plain. It is clad in weathered wood siding that is a concrete gray. A long wall extends from one end of the property to the other reminiscent of traditional Japanese homes - also made of the same siding. The door that you can see in a close up also has a Japanese feel with the perpendicular wood slats. The house seems to be an L shape with one end being the garage door at the left hand side. Behind the wall to the right is a large yard since the other half of the L is quite a distance back. Not much can be seen other than a second story above the garage but set back quite a bit - it has a 45 degree angled roof which is entirely composed of flat skylights. The large mature trees on the property were probably left alone when the home was built in the 1970s.

Additional information was sent to me about this house:

"This house was designed, or at least significantly re-designed, by Butler Armsden Architects."