San Francisco Modern Architecture
A guide to interesting homes and commercial buildings.

I noticed this house after I finished shooting the house with the rock in its courtyard. It is easy to miss since it is hidden behind a large tree and is set back from the street. About two weeks after dropping off my orange envelope I received a short note in the mail: Architect: James Ream. Built 1981 on the site of Rosalie Hellman's Garden (Mrs. Hellman was the wife of a banker and their home was on the same street though about three lots down in the 1920s). When I was photographing the house (which is very difficult due to how narrow it is and the tree in front) the homeowner came home but simply drove into their garage. I figure they gave me all the info I wanted and that was that. The home has three banks of peaked skylights that run the width of the structure. Only 2 can be seen in my photo. There is a round steel pipe that runs across the front of the house above the garage door and is repeated over the course of the roof line. On the side a steel beam continues the front pipe's line along the side of the house. Interesting joints that might have been custom fabricated connect these beams. It is hard to tell if this is structural or decorative. Funky (and very 70s) windows are on the side: one a large circle (echoing the circular metal joints) and a somewhat oval window. The house, despite these rounded shapes, is very angular. The amble skylights must flood the house with light and surely there must be great views from the back which overlooks the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, and Marin.