San Francisco Modern Architecture
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This house is almost impossible to notice - let alone find. Perhaps this is why the owners wished me luck on the project, but did not want me to publish any information about it or its picture. Well, the facade of a house seen from a public street is up for grabs in my book. Anyhow ten years after originally creating this site I got an email it was designed by George Rockrise around 1964. Rockrise graduated from Columbia in 1941, worked as an architect on the Panama Canal, then in NYC with Edward Stone and then with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill on the United Nations headquarters, and was lured out to SF by landscape architect Thomas Church, where he started his own practice. This house is part of UCSF and is where the chancellor gets to live. Rockrise did an excellent job integrating the structure into the site. It looks as if great care was taken not to alter the landscape or cut down any more trees than necessary. The house is built into the massive rocks on the site. The light and mailbox have an Arts and Crafts feel to them, yet the house appears to be a post and beam construction and much more contemporary than this period referenced in the fixtures. It is unfortunate that I could not get closer to get a better shot, but the siting in the trees makes it almost impossible to get a good vantage point. Lucky for the owners who so greatly value their privacy. The person who emailed me about the architect said "I've been in. Its very nice, quite large, with great views."