San Francisco Modern Architecture
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This is the earliest style Eichler in the development. They are one story and have an open air courtyard beyond the front stone wall. When you enter, you walk through the courtyard to enter the house through a sliding glass door. I have not been inside these homes so I do not know the configuration as I do the others. Like all Eichlers, they are heated with radiant heat in the concrete slab. One owner on this street has installed forced air heat and you can see a mass of ugly air vents cluttered on the roof - what were they thinking! Pictured here, you can see two houses. Eichler was known to originally paint two adjoining houses the same color to make them look larger. Originally, the homes had raw 6"x6" concrete blocks on the exterior wall (see the one to the right shown here), though some people have painted them like the house shown on the left. The large timbers jutting out beyond the house under the roof line extend all the way through the house and are exposed. They are usually spaced 5.5'-7' apart. The ceilings of these Eichlers are 71/4" tongue and groove pine planks which were originally stained a light brown color, though some owners have painted them a lighter color to brighten up the rooms. This style house is only on two small streets and there are approximately about 8 of them. Most are poorly maintained and have peeling paint. These two were the most presentable.

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