San Francisco Modern Architecture
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San Francisco Eichler Developments

Nestled up in the hills of San Francisco, in a neighborhood known as Diamond Heights, there is a small development on four streets that Joseph Eichler built in the early 1960s. Eichler had build thousands of homes in what is now called Silicon Valley in the 1950-1960s, and only towards the end of his career did he venture up north to San Francisco and build this small development. He also built a low-rise and high-rise condominium unit near Japantown (good article about them here)and one high-rise in Russian Hill (will build a page soon!).


There are seven different styles of houses in the Diamond Heights development. Many of the residents are the original owners so the neighborhood is mostly older people. Some of the homes are in need of paint, some have been ruined, and some have been lovingly restored and preserved.

Diamond Heights Homes:

Low-rise Condominium:

High-rise Condominium: