San Francisco Modern Architecture
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This Eichler looks like it might be two floors but is is really just one. Downstairs is a large 2 car garage and upstairs is the living area. I think this layout was a mistake. Why waste space for two cars and compromise living space? It makes no sense. Upstairs is an open living/dining room/kitchen that is in the front portion of the house, and in the back are three small bedrooms. These houses have little useable backyard because of the incline of the hill. One nice feature is the "L" shaped beams you can see extending from below the roof and down to the balcony in front. These I think are inspired by Schindler who used them in the Sachs apartments, his Kings Road home/office, and in the Rodriguez house. It was also used by Neutra in his Samuel and Luella Maslon House in Palm Springs, which was torn down recently by its new owners - who in my opinion are absolute idiots for destroying such an important home.

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