San Francisco Modern Architecture
A guide to interesting homes and commercial buildings.

Eichler Condo High-rise:

This high-rise was designed by Quincy Jones. There is a page about these units in: 'A Quincy Jones: The Oneness of Architecture. Process Architecture Number 41. Process Architecture Publishing Co. Tokyo. 1983' that reads:

"This reinforced-cast-in-place concrete structure is basically an "egg crate" of load bearing walls that carry continuously from lowest of three parking levels through 15 stories of apartments. Solid concrete walls 6" and 8" thick provide sound barriers room to room and between corridors and apartments. The 150 apartments with three bedrooms are in three sizes: 1310, 1340, 1500 sq.ft. Structure is expressed in series of vertical elements, 8" wide or thickness of bearing walls."

I was told they are condo units and the feel of the building is that of living in a hotel. I was also told they are heated by radient heat like the houses and low-rise condos across the street.

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