San Francisco Modern Architecture
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This home is around the corner from the speculated Neutra house. It is on one of the most beautiful streets in SF close to UCSF. I like this home for several reasons. First the location. Second I like the rounded roof which softens the rather cold, gray stained wood siding similar to the home by Twin Peaks. The architect, if an architect did design the house, allowed distinct parts of the home to stand alone: the windows, the roof, the chimney. This was a popular style in the 1980s, though the house could have been built later. The scale of the building in the landscape is not overwhelming considering a larger home could have been built on the lot. It blends into the surroundings and is pleasing to look at.

After building the site I received some additional info on this house:

"This house was built by James Shay, a San Francisco architect, as his own home (though he no longer lives there).  He also did a couple of houses on 19th Street at Sanchez that use a similar picture-window detail."