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I had seen this house several times while exploring the area by UCSF. It is easy to miss since it is under the shade of a large tree and very nondescript. When my friend and neighbor, the famous desert chef/cookbook author David Lebovitz, told me there was a Neutra in SF at first I thought he was referring to the one in the Berkeley hills (which apparently has been destroyed inside by a University of California Architecture professor who knocked a hole in a wall and just left it like that). He has an uncle and aunt who have lived a very long time in the UCSF neighborhood and said that this house was designed by Neutra. I went to take a double look and sure enough it looks like his work. The aluminum band that wraps around the perimeter of the roof, the window placement and design, the boxy forms all point to his style. I never heard from the owners so I cannot confirm this speculation, but I worry a house like this could be purchased and torn down for some mega mansion by people who do not know better. When I have time I will try to replace this photo with a better one. Here is a photo taken from quite a distance of the rear of the house; you can see it is much larger than it looks from the street.

After I built this site, I received an email about this house:

"What you speculate is a Neutra house is in fact a Neutra - the Dr. Darling House built in 1937. I believe there are at least three other Neutras in SF, a duplex at 2056-2058 Jefferson, a duplex at 2430 Leavenworth and the Sidney Kahn House at 66 Calhoun Terrace (the best example of them all)."