San Francisco Modern Architecture
A guide to interesting homes and commercial buildings.

This house was torn down around 2010 and a much fancier structure was erected that took forever to be built. It is clad in stone and isn't anything that interesting.

This Pacific Heights house was an oddity since it was just a box with little adornment in a ritzy area of town with very grand homes made to impress people. This home was just up the street from the house designed by John Ekin Dinwiddie. I passed it a million times and finally stopped to take a look. It looks old - maybe built in the 1940s. The flat roof with the thin eave painted black, the pink stucco and the large bank of windows with the small greenhouse window that overhangs on the third floor are the only distinguishing features. The curtains and grass blinds look stained and bleached from the sun. Looks like no one lives in it or they are some crazy old people who haven't changed a thing since the house was built. The rear of the house overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Marin. Here is a rear view through the trees. And here is a close up of the elegant corner window on the third floor.